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Loose da Toobes

09 Mar 2008 at 15:30 Filed Under:

After my 8th pinch flat on the 29er, I'm actually at the point I'm going to have to consider a tubeless set up.

Given I need a new rim anyway (I've managed to bed it even more during this morning's shenanigans, so, what type of rim should i go with? I'm not really up on tubeless, but is UST or a Stan's type system better? - I bet Raoul knows, he knows a lot about weird stuff like this.

It's either tubeless, hoping my newly purchased DH tube fits and works, or using suspension forks.

The People Comment: (8 responses)

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16:28 09 Mar

No idea but I bet you end up running tubes in them within a month.
Heavier tyre?


16:36 09 Mar

The solution is more air. I know Matt will refuse to do this though.


16:36 09 Mar

Yeah, you might be right, Tom, given the amount of folded rim wall's I'll get.

I\ll keep on the DH tube route.


16:45 09 Mar

I can't add more air, simon, the bike's simply uncontrollable, don't forget I'm probably > 20kgs lighter than you.


18:02 09 Mar

Matt, the only UST stuff that there is for 29ers are Croosmax which I guess your not interested in.

Mavic do a disc only rim that's supposed to be strong although not too light.

In terms of tyres Kenda seem to have good side wall strength the most durable looking things appear to be the Halo 29er tyres as they're built on the sturdy side.

If you do want to run tubeless I'd give the wire beaded Halo's a go and get a kit from JRA, I'm impressed so far with mine although tyres do have a tendency to burp at really low pressures.

Stan's Flow rims are supposed to be good and Biff runs those on his Jones and he's a mountain of a man with no problems, but they're not cheap see £50 plus an end.

I don't really know how you'd fair with any of this stuff as, although don't touch WTB tyres with kevlar beads as they just fall off rims.....

Mail me if I can be of any more help I'm happy to oblige.


18:08 09 Mar

I didn't even know Halo did tyres, I'll look them up.

I dare say hitting 6 inch immovable rocks at reasonable-mph doesn't help, I blame the wind today, I just couldn't get any speed.


22:43 09 Mar

Matt I found that cable hanger as well in my packing up, let me know if you need it.


08:27 10 Mar

Mr Matt: Richards stag do stuff if it's of interest:

Photos up at:

Videos up at:

It's all a bit rushed and unedited but you'll get the idea.

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