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I Wish Life Had An "OFF" Switch

26 Nov 2007 at 20:09

I can't seem to touch anything without it breaking, I really fucking give up.

My ADSL router gave up this evening, an hour of swearing at it, fiddling with the network didn't help, so I needed a new one.

Amazingly my car started first time, off I trundled to Currys (large national electrical chain), all the routers are wireless, hmm, I don't need wireless really, but what the heck, a hundred quid though, hmm.

"Are you OK there, sir", "yes, fine thanks, just blown my router up (blown being my new work for 'kicked across the room and stamped on"
She blabbed on about her router breaking at New Years, I didn't care, so I didn't listen.

I choose one, almost th same as the Netgear I'd just destoryed, but with a blue blob on the top and an aerial...

My Yorkshire ancestors could be heard groaning as I saw the ONE HUNDRED pound price.

I wander over to the checkout... wait...... wait..... wait.... wait..... walk off, I;m already seething over breaking more things, my tolerance is low, I leave, maybe I could go to Scan tomorrow.

Car starts again - gosh.

About to head home, I think of Tesco, hell! they sell everything, surely in 2007 a modem-router's a possibility, I mean it's not like it's 2002, geeky stuff is now mainstream.

I screech into the carpark, jump out, momentarily confused by parking in a different place than normal.

WOOO! ROUTERS!! WOO!!! ONLY FIFTY QUID!.. WOOO! and it's a brand I've actually heard of, not some weird "own brand" crap.. it's not netgear, but well, it's better than nothing, I have TV to download tonight, I need it NOW!.. my life is ONLINE, without the net my life is seriously shite/empty.

I hit the checkouts, avoiding the comfort food aisles, I wince as I hand over my financially battered debit card.

The car starts AGAIN!, 1,2,3 WOO!

15 mins later I'm back home, check the old router again... STILL DEAD, unpack the new one (why do things always look MASSIVE on the box, but are, infact, tiny?). A few swearing moments and more rage and I'm back online.

My life is definitely cursed, I need the OFF button.

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20:13 26 Nov

You should have said, I have a non-wireless netgear router kicking around the house somewhere. No idea where though, I couldn't find it when my wireless router died the other week (although that actually turned out to be the electricity in half of my house not working!)


20:15 26 Nov

Router Modem?
I was going to pop around, but thought, !: I need one 2: if you have a second it's probably broken as why would you ever replace one?

anyway, done now, the old thing still works as a router, weirdly.


20:34 26 Nov

Yes, Router Modem, DG834 I think. I replaced it when I got my laptop as I wanted wireless.

Thinking about it, it might be in the garage in one of my boxes of miscellaneous elcetrical equipment.


20:34 26 Nov

Yes, Router Modem, DG834 I think. I replaced it when I got my laptop as I wanted wireless.

Thinking about it, it might be in the garage in one of my boxes of miscellaneous elcetrical equipment.


20:38 26 Nov

that's what I just borked.

this new router's really fucking up my network.. grr


20:47 26 Nov

I'll see if I can find mine tomorrow and drop it round. Not like I'm using it.


20:47 26 Nov

Right, rebooted everything an I am now back to where I was at 5:15.


21:21 26 Nov

Naa, it's fine now, seems to be working ok, thanks, though


08:54 27 Nov

LOL @ "I didn't care, so I didn't listen."

good advice for anyone stuck with an overly chatty sale assistant


10:56 27 Nov

"I can't seem to touch anything without it breaking"

So don't touch anything. Duh ;)


11:24 27 Nov

I'm going to see if I can reap people like Millie in "Dead Like Me"


11:58 27 Nov

best not have piss Matt...


15:00 27 Nov

I wear gloves to handle myself.. can't be too careful :)

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