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  • (TOC) 10640.04 miles
  • (TR) 114.56 miles
  • (TA) 10884.8 miles

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  • Offroad Riding - 8365.93 miles [300]
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2008 Better Be Better

06 Nov 2007 at 18:04 Filed Under:

I couldn't decide if my bike rode any better with the fixed SC32's today as the wind was so strong I spent most of the time being pushed around or grinding hard to just move forwards.

There does seem to be far too much air in them, though, and looking at the instructions I think I need to crack them open to drop the internal pressure, but that's a last resort.

I have found another potential new fork, a Marzocchi XC 700 ATABCDEFG, slight less complex than the Rock Shox Revelation, but more expensive, but not made by SRAM, who are in my bad books for their GXP bearings and useless-in-the-UK Avid Brakes.

so, in a nutshell: bike maybe crap, weather crap, couldn't give a crap.

And for those who are interested, Helvetica, The Movie is on BBC ONE at 10.35 tonight (thx matt), it's in the listings as "Imagine" so you might not have noticed.

The People Comment: (9 responses)

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18:33 06 Nov

A movie about fonts? Mental.

There wasn't any wind on my mtb ride early this morning but there was lots on my road ride :(


18:45 06 Nov

Sun comes out, wind picks up.


21:08 06 Nov

Matt by all accounts they had all sorts of bother with the 2007 version of those forks, I had a look at the model below for my new Chameleon, and after finding out a good few had gone back decided to go for something with a coil spring........


23:37 06 Nov

I just enjoyed an hour-long documentary about a typeface. Weird.


14:57 08 Nov

You will just destroy any fork anyway :-)

You need some old simple Z1's, the pre Bam ones :-)


15:02 08 Nov

Don't think the Bam bit makes much difference but I was thinking some sort of older Bomber would be best for Matt too.


15:45 08 Nov

I have some 2001 z1's but they don't have a lockout.
and erm
I think they might be a little bit clogged up.


16:10 08 Nov

the metal on the insides of the bottom of my 1998 ones are beginning to flake. If I can get my dead 1997 ones back I might be able to make a safe working pair again.


16:13 08 Nov

I have 1998ish Z2's they were quite nice, bit 'toppy' though.

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