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Check Nose, Spit

01 Nov 2007 at 09:31 Filed Under:

** crash report **

Good one today, get a glass of wine and read on.

Coming off the pike, all good, bit windy, that's not important, I just had to mention that for the 300+th time this year, down the route to the toilets, exit the last turn, need to stay left down the stony channel on the (people about so going right not really an option, plus it was a bit slippy, so turning across the stones tricky too..

Flight it right to avoid the loop of wire from the fence at handlebar height,
drift back left
corner of eye spots another loop, right about ankle leve............. **CRASHHHHHHHHHHH**

The loop of fencing wire looped over my left foot, I dragged it about 5 mtrs until there was no more slack left, it slid up foot, between frame and crank arm (foot in forward position), then the wire travels up my leg, then something happens and I fly into the dirt across the top tube (bike kinda ripped sideways to the front wheel is towards the fence) , I fly over, hit the ground with my head and arms.

Get up, pull broken glasses from face, check nose and spit.. no blood, PHEW, that was a HARD impact.

Helmet is fine, nose has a big scrape down the middle, glasses must have absorbed the impact as they cracked right across the center.

The force of the wide looping over my foot and traveling up to my ankle tore one of the straps off my left shoe!

Somehow the back brake banjo bolt came undone, no brakes for last 45% of ride.

Bike landed somewhere about 4m in front of me (I was still ensnared in the fence) one of the fork seals popped off and up down the leg!!!! (how that's possible I have no idea!)

Face aches right now.

Grazes on right wrist, right elbow.

Sore left ankle, like I've been in a snare.. funny that!

Pedal impact graze on left shin from bike rodeo

Probably about 15-18mph at the time.

Could and really SHOULD have been SO much worse.

I've fixed the fence a bit, but need to report this, as it's been flapping around for weeks, and I've been avoiding it fine, but the second loop's new.

28.1miles (12.6avg) | Windy, Mild, Dry, Bit Greasy - Crash, lots of broken bike.

That's the second pair of glasses I've snapped in two in 4 weeks.

The People Comment: (16 responses)

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09:42 01 Nov

Good effort!
I've never noticed the broken fence, maybe I'll look next time I go down there.


09:50 01 Nov

It's on the left about 10m after the end of the corner on the straight section to the toilets.

It's been like that for weeks, I had no time to react as my foot was ensnared as soon as I saw the wire.. pulled a crap load with me though.


11:00 01 Nov



11:24 01 Nov

I would like more photos.


11:28 01 Nov

I have photos of broken parts (bike) yet again my injuries will be mostly bruising and stiffness.

I think I need some medicinal Chocolate Bars.


11:45 01 Nov

Hmmm fruit and nut, unlucky dude - you cant beat that feeling you get when you are out of control and your not sure how it will end - only last a mili sec but it sure is sweet


16:08 01 Nov

Good work!

Makes mine from last night seem rather tame. Turn in to leaf-covered steep downhill corner, invisible stick grabs front wheel, I veeeeery slowly teeter over the front of the bike before landing in a heap on the floor. Minor graze on my knee, Hope HID undamaged. Phew :)

"no brakes for last 45% of ride" -- no change there then ;)


16:12 01 Nov

Ouch! I'd sue, if I were you.


16:21 01 Nov

I'm not American, Chris ;)
(but I *am* lazy)

If there had been more damage (although I guess completely broken glasses = damage) then I would.. it's not actually easy to work out where to complain anyway, I guess I need to go to the visitor's centre and tell them... which I can only do if I can find someone to watch my bike for me, which I couldn't today, as there was no fellow cyclists about. (don't trust walking riffraff)

I might take some zip ties tomorrow and zip the wires properly secure.

Olly: PHEW! broken hid would be annoying and expensive.


14:37 02 Nov

"you cant beat that feeling you get when you are out of control and your not sure how it will end - only last a mili sec but it sure is sweet"

This happened so fast it was 'this is going to hu...' 'phew that was quite painless'


19:46 02 Nov

Glad you're survived intact, well almost intact.
There were a couple of iffy bits near me till i went out with a set of cable cutters.
Barbed wire's going to be one of the many many things i'm going to ban when i become dictator.


20:53 02 Nov

I was just thinking today that I was glad it wasn't barbed!


21:29 02 Nov

Poor poppet.
Healing vibes dude.


22:04 02 Nov

Bah!!!! That's nothing! I ended up in hospital with a concussion a few weeks ago!!

Seriously though....very good crash indeed. The judges award the following:






22:19 02 Nov

Bha! who goes to hospital for concussion? ;)

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