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Planning for 08

16 Sep 2007 at 14:41 Filed Under:

My Roadster's at it's end of it's useful life, it's never been great, I've never found it to be less than very uncomfortable and it's true weaknesses have been made more than evident this year, and there's quite a bit of corrosion on the top tube. So with that it's time to look to 2008 and a new road machine.

I know most of the parts I want, Ultegra groupset, low profile wheels, something built around Open Pros. Admittedly not flashy, but the problems I've had this year with deeper rims points to a need for heavier wheels that are less prone to sidewinds. If the season turns out to me less windy than this year then I'll consider something with a deeper profile and less spokes for speed, perhaps Mavic Ksyriums, but this probably won't happen as I;m looking for reliable stability rather than speed.

Framewise, I'm looking for something with a better shape, and a less wind-catching design and better forks. Probably Carbon or Titanium.

Bars, stem, seatpost? possibly carbon. I;m thinking a lighter frame but heavier wheels might suit my riding style a little better.

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21:49 16 Sep

What you want is something that fits properly and that has sensible tube profiles.

Get yourself to a proper road shop and get fitted upf for something. There's plenty up North ;0)

I used to have a similar problem in county Durham with wheels being blown all over so I do sympathise.

DT do a really nice set that are have a shallow rim and are very light, low weight I suspect is less of a problem than actual profile.


22:16 16 Sep

I want low profile for the wind and weight for the stability.


22:27 16 Sep

Ultegra/Open Pro/DT comp


22:43 16 Sep

Yeah, sounds about right, pretty cheap too, adn I have the eastons still for non windy days (ha ha - I make mysel laugh sometimes!)


10:25 17 Sep

Matt, When/if you want to superannuate your Roadster, drop me a mail. I'd happily give it a less stressed retirement... ;-)


11:25 17 Sep

Don't know if this is verging on blasphemy for you but there is a guy at work who rides a carbon Scott something-or-other and says it's great. It certainly weighs less that a gnats nuts.


14:20 18 Sep

I hear Trek has a nice new Madone this year. :~)

You might actually like Bontrager Race X Lite wheels, also.

Yes, I am *slightly* biased.


14:35 18 Sep

I've looked at the Madone, it looks like the best bike Trek have ever made.

I might like those wheels, if `i knew what they were like ;)


18:44 18 Sep

Mavic wheels are certainly not an upgrade over those, I can tell you that much. After 3 seasons of maintaining a fleet of bikes, I've had to put a spoke wrench to maybe 4 wheels for a quarter of a turn? Something silly like that.


18:47 18 Sep

I will investigate those, then Chris, but I think some ultegra / open pro wheels will win my money.

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