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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

09 Oct 2006 at 13:02

Today I have had the pleasure of having to cancel my main credit card, thanks to the second fraudulant transaction in a week.

I was initially altered to an increase in fraud thanks to, Wigglegate, so I checked my balance last Tuesday and saw:


I promtly called the bank, reported the transaction, got refunded and informed I didn't need to cancel my card.

I have issues with trust

I deliberatly didn't check my balance on Friday so I didn;t ruin my weekend, stressing over more fraud - it was inevitable that it would happen, the usual method is to do a 'tester' transaction, that the card user might not notice, in this case it was the £5.95 to a national cinema chain, then they wait a few days and BANG go for the big bucks.

This is what greated me today.


So another phone call, another 100 buttons pressed on the phone keypad, another 3 operators talked to and another unathorised transaction reported and this time I insisted I wanted the card cancelled, which probably makes no difference to the fraud, as all that really changes are the valid from and to dates, the number, I assume, remains the same.

As I expected more fraud after last week's small amount, I dropped the card limit down to £1000 to limit any losses.

The sad thing about all this... the fraudsters didn't even purchase anything exciting, like a trip in a helicopter or a spiderman outfit.

Was wiggle really involved? I'm not sure, I've used my card at a few online stores in the last couple of months, Wiggle appear in that list, but so do Chain Reaction Cycles and other reputable companies.

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13:44 09 Oct

Don't worry about it. The CC company will refund money and then get it back off the seller. Whether this changes in the future is another matter. Just make sure you check your purchases.
IIRC your credit card number is new when you get a new card. Not had to change mine for a few years.


13:45 09 Oct

It's the inconvenience that's annoying me really.


14:17 09 Oct

at least you arne't having to live in a huge overdraft like i am after the sods nicked all the money from my current account

fraudsters = knobbers


16:12 09 Oct



16:51 09 Oct

You're all being very restrained. I think some Andy Armstrong style conjoined swearing is necessary...



16:56 09 Oct

I need some of those to support the shelf that holds my erotic book collection, Nick.


08:07 10 Oct

That's bad Dave. Any sign of the bank giving it back to you?


08:31 10 Oct

well i sent all the appropriate "I Didn't Do Noffink" forms back last wednesday and haven't heard a thing since. If i've not heard anything by tomorrow I'll be ringing them up (a little bit scared) and begging to know why i would suddenly enlist the uses of an internet based immigration and money tranfer service...


13:09 11 Oct

Hello I work for a bank, Most banks have a online fraud garantee, go into your bank and fucking kick off in the banking hall in front of all the customers, you will get cash back and if you are not happy with the service demand compensation or if your not satisfied tell them you will report them to the banking ombudsman, this normally gets the fire started under Bank workers asses to get it sorted - you could walk out of the bank quids in!!


13:17 11 Oct

Also if you cancel your card - the three security digits on the back of your card change - fraudsters cant use the details they have without the new security digits - hope this has helped ease your worries


08:38 13 Oct

Barclaycard just phoned me to tell my my card had been frauded. First thing they did was cancel it and send out a new one. They're sending me some lovely forms to fill in...

I've not used Wiggle (or indeed the card) for a long time.

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