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Bicycle Obsession

Goin' Crazy in 2009

  • Offroad Riding - 13002.72 miles [289]
  • Aborted Riding - 61.00 miles [3]
  • Turbo Trainer - 33.70 miles [3]
  • (TOC) 13063.72 miles
  • (TA) 13097.42 miles

Hurtin' in 2008

  • Offroad Riding - 10602.84 miles [300]
  • Turbo Trainer - 130.20 miles [8]
  • Running - 114.56 miles [24]
  • Aborted Riding - 37.20 miles [2]
  • (TOC) 10640.04 miles
  • (TR) 114.56 miles
  • (TA) 10884.8 miles

Riding in 2007

  • Offroad Riding - 8365.93 miles [300]
  • Road Riding - 3599.80 miles [70]
  • Turbo Trainer - 50.90 miles [3]
  • (TOC) 11965.73 miles
  • (TA) 12016.63 miles

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Current Gems

  • 2004 Pink Surly 1x1
  • 2000 Kona Kaboom
  • 2006 Santa Cruz Chameleon





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Pretty Ti'd Up

01 Mar 2009 at 15:45

Today was, finally, the time for the new bike to tell me if it was any good. The results were possitive.

Much like last year, when I declared 29ers to be 'like a bike, really', so it has been proved again, this time just a fraction lighter (600gms or something pitiful)

As with most Brantmade stuff, it just feels correct from the start, just does what it does and gets on with things, whereas other bikes would be shouting LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, this bike, shouts MOVE OUT THE WAY I AM GOING WAAAAAAAAAAY FASTER THAN YOU, YEEE HAAAA (or that's how my internal dialogue was translating things).

Now, all this extra goodness can't be entirely attributed to the 29er/titaniumness, new headset and crank bearings make a huge difference, actually "huge" "colossal" would be more fitting. That's not to say the differences over the Surly weren't noticed, but they were much more subtle, less power needed over large bumps, less banging up the arms down the rough stuff, more stable, and quite a noticeable increase in acceleration.

38 miles today, trying a newish route, and purposfully trying to hit things a little harder than normal / brake a little later.. most of which the coped with magnificently, the only let down was the terrible-in-any-type-of-mud Geax Saugaro rear tyre and the XT crank arm coming loose a number of times, both not major problems.

Oh and I destroyed 18 riders today.. at the end I was just hunting for fun.

Future upgrades: Seatpost (because I have one), BB Cup-Set (Likely to Chris King), rear wheel (DT 340 w/ Mavic 29er rim), Headset - Likely Chris King. Maybe bars to the lightest Alloy Easton risers.

and, one last thing.. I'd forgotten how much carbon forks judder under hard braking.


Ti 29er Ready to Rock

28 Feb 2009 at 20:41

After a lot of dicking about.. I haz new bike

Bizzaro chain connector.. a little screw and backing plate, quite fancy. it should be for 24bones! yowch. fantastic quality product, though.


The Return of the Friday40

04 Jul 2008 at 12:09

I've really been struggling to bother riding over 30 miles recently, high winds and rain the main cause, boredom the other. So today's 40 was a surprise, as it went off reasonably easily, so that was nice.

It seems silly to even think that a ride was tiring or hard, when you think what Jenn's up to on the GDR

Anyway, pretty decent ride, it was nice to be not battling the wind for a change, and the bike worked quite well - although I think I've worn the axle out on the cranks as it 'knocks' inside the BB cups. (they've only done 8650.21 miles)


4,000 29er miles

27 Jun 2008 at 16:17

The Inbred 29er's done over 4,000 miles now, and it's amost falling apart again, especially the BB which sounds a few miles away from the balls escaping from the collapsed drive-side bearing.

Summer's properly here now, 3 days of rain, ends a run of 1,300 mostly dry miles, more rain to come, strong winds still present... shopping for running shoes.


1000 on 29

15 Mar 2008 at 16:02

Clicked over the 1000th mile on the 29er today, surprisingly, the rear tyte' still going and the BB bearings aren't completely goosed yet... hoorrar!


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